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Stainless Steel Pickling And Passivation Chemicals Pickling Paste Pickling And Passivation Procesure

Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation Chemicals Pickling Paste Pickling and Passivation Procedure Stainless steel is an important corrosion resistant engineering material.The name stainless steel tends to give a false impression that it is a non-rust (ie, not corroded) material.In fact,it’s...

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Stainless steel is an important corrosion resistant engineering material.The name stainless steel tends to give a false impression that it is a non-rust (ie, not corroded) material.In fact,it’s not.The reason why stainless steel is not easy because of the formation of a thin dense protective layer on its surface - a passivation film.The corrosion resistance of the stainless steel, in addition to its self-passivation ability in the medium, the corrosion resistance of the passive film itself has a pivotal role.In order to take full advantage of corrosion resistance of stainless steel,for a long time people do everything possible to strengthen this layer of passivation film ---- passivation treatment.

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Stainless steel will inevitably produce scale oxide in the heat processing, heat treatment, welding and other processes.If this layer of oxide remaining on the surface passivation, it is impossible to obtain good corrosion resistance passivation film.Therefore, the residue must be removed by appropriate methods.The economic and effective method for chemical equipment is pickling.

Stainless steel pickling and passivation treatment is an indispensable process in the production of stainless steel equipment, the traditional method is to pickling and passivation is divided into two separate parts.Usually provided with pickling tank and the passivation tank---Pickling the stainless steel equipment in the pickling tank (remove the scale) and then passivating in the passivation tank.This method makes the heavy labor intensity of the operation workers, because the acid fog large overflow causes the deterioration of labor conditions;The loss of pickling caused the serious environmental pollution, low labor productivity, especially large equipment and on-site installation of equipment and welding of dissimilar metals (such as copper, iron) of stainless steel equipment, pickling passivation treatment is almost difficult to carry out.

For this reason,our factory produces a stainless steel pickling passivation paste that combines pickling and passivation to reform the traditional pickling passivation process, greatly improving labor productivity.The pickling passivation is a stable paste with high stable raw materials.It is not decomposed, not precipitated, easy to transport and can be stored for long periods of time.

When pickling and passivation with stainless steel pickling passivation paste, it does not require special equipment,space,no need power consumption and heating equipment.So it is a kind of energy saving products.Do not require skilled workers to operate, the workers can operate according to instructions.

The procesure of stainless steel pickling passivation paste are as follows

1.Before cleaning, wear acid-resistant gloves, please test a small area before large-scale applications.

2.Start a large area of cleaning, with a cotton towel or brush dipped in the product evenly coated in the surface thickness of the cleaning 1 to 2 mm, for 5-20 minutes or longer.(Depending on dirt, scale oxide thickness and processing requirements).

3.When cleaning vertical surfaces, brushing should be repeated 2 or 3 times to improve the cleaning effect.

4.After the surface oxide is completely cleaned, rinsing with water (lime water or alkaline water), then dry with air compressor, or naturally dry.

Our Advantages

a. Extensive production experience: We are specialized in stainless steel pickling gel, pickling paste, pickling passivation paste, anti spatter spray and gas welding nozzle tip gel with an experience of 20 years.

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c. Customized: We can make your own label and logo on the package. Accept OEM /ODM.

d. Safety package: All products will be packed in safe. Some products will be packed in sealed plastic bottle, then packed with cartons and finally packed with pallet and wrapping film. Some products will be packed in sealed plastic barrel, finally packed in wooden case. These packages are all in line with effective international sea-freight regulations.

Our service

1.Product quality control and delivery time is strictly controlled;

2.Direct manufacturing factory offering competitive price;

3.All the inquiries will be replied within 12 hours;
4. OEM & ODM service are available;
5. Providing first-class after-sales services to the customers.

Why choose us ?

1.We are the professional factory of welding chemicals in jiangsu province ,china .

2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process.

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4.After you make order, we will Follow up the whole process and Update it to you. Collecting goods, Loading containers and Tracking goods transport information for you.
5.Any of our products you are interested, or any customized orders you wish to place, any items you want to buy, Please let us know your requirements. Our team will do our best to Help you .


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