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Why Choosing Stainless Steel Passivation Solution?

When treating stainless steel workpiece,many friends are more concerned about the issue of the stainless steel surface treatment technology.For example, some friends do not understand why we need conduct pickling passivation treatment for the surface of stainless steel.Let us analyze some reasons for the surface treatment of stainless steel workpiece by using stainless steel pickling solution.


Firstly,the reason for the picking and passivation of stainless steel workpiece is not only to improve its corrosion resistance,but also has the effect of preventing product pollution and get beauty.For example, there are many stainless steel workpieces with anti-corrosion requirements that require acid cleaning and passivation, and there are also some parts that are directly in contact with corrosive substances.Therefore, in order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the workpiece,it is necessary to conduct pickling and passivation treatment by using pickling passivation solution.


Secondly,while some departments are dealing with stainless steel workpieces, they may be more concerned with the cleanliness and beauty of the surface of the workpiece.In particular, some workpieces have more stricter requirements, it also requires pickling passivation treatment by using pickling passivation solution to ensure the appearance of quality.


In addition, there is a clear benefit of choosing stainless steel pickling passivation solution.It can be directly used for the pickling and passivation treatment of stainless steel workpieces, making the processing technology easier.It only needs to sock the stainless steel workpiece in the pickling tank under the normal temperature,greatly reduce labor intensity and save the cost.


In fact,using pickling passivation solution for stainless steel workpiece is an essential part. Since this process not only affects the service life of stainless steel products, but also affects the security of practical application.So we have to pay attention it.

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