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Which Steps Are Included In The Process Of Pickling Passivation PGel Paste?

The pickling passivation paste is a special reagent used to process the pickling and passivation treatment for stainless steel material,the properties are the same as pickling passivation solution.In contrast, the usage of pickling passivation paste is much simpler than pickling passivation solution.But it also needs to go through a series of steps such as degreasing, rinsing, pickling passivation, rinsing,neutralization,rinsing,rinsing with pure water and drying.


Prior to using pickling passivating paste, the oil stain,dirt and rust stains should be cleaned completely.The purpose of the next step is rinsing is to clean the degreasers on the surface of stainless steel products,ordinary tap water is ok.


Then take appropriate amount of pickling passivation paste applied to its surface uniformly and apply 1-2mm.Rinse the remaining pickling paste after waiting for a period of time.Specific static time should be determined by the actual situation of the workpiece.


The tap water also can be used to clean the remaining pickling paste on the surface of stainless steel products.If it is difficult to clean thoroughly , we can use 5% of the alkali to neutralize;And then rinsing again with plenty of water to clean the rudimental pickling gel on the surface of stainless steel materials.


Due to ordinary tap water contains impurities,so pure water can be used to remove impurities and water marks compared with the tap water.When the pickling paste on the surface of workpiece has been cleaned thoroughly, then drying or airing,but the time should be taken according to the size of the workpiece and the drying effect.

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