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The Tips Of Pickling Passivation Treatment For The Stainless Steel After Welding (pickling Passivation Solution)

With the development of domestic industry, the demand of stainless steel is increasing year by year in various industrial fields such as chemical mechanical storage tank type and other products.After the product has been purchased,the pickling agent that used to purify the stainless steel structure and the surface of the workpiece is essential.


Pickling passivation solution (liquid)

When removing the extremely thick oxide on the surface of annealing,quenching and casting stainless steel,the black oxide will dissolve completely and present a beautiful and silver-white surface of stainless steel after socking the workpiece into pickling liquid.


The socking method is one of the most ideal and economical methods.The feature of pickling passivation solution are as bellows:

1. There is a uniform chemical reaction at the same time on the entire surface of the stainless steel workpiece, and no brush marks.

2. Saving time for small workpiece.

3. Old stainless steel products can be impregnated and regenerated into new products

4. The liquid can be used for many times before it becomes waste liquor


Whether using acid pickling or acid pickling, the most important thing is that be sure to wash dissolved scale and pickling residue after pickling.If not washed thoroughly,it remains a large number of acid components on the surface of workpiece attached to the air of iron, red rust will occur around 24 hours.If unmanaged, corrosion gradually expands and sometimes develops into hole corrosion.If hole erosion occurs in the storage tank and other structures, not only does it damage the storage effect, but also causes a major accident and should be completely patched up.

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