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The Reason Of Choosing Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation Gel Paste

The welding spot,black spot,blue spot and oxide scale on the stainless steel workpiece specially for the large stainless steel equipment all can be removed by stainless steel pickling passivation paste.So that the surface of stainless steel can be restored to its natural silver colour.Compared with the manual polishing method used in the past, this method is more convenient.


Obviously, it is not only can simplify the whole process, but also reduce the labor costs make the whole operation process is easier to control after using stainless steel pickling gel for cleaning stainless steel structure.Under normal circumstances, just apply the passivation paste evenly on the surface of the stainless steel workpiece, then wait for about a quarter of an hour, and then rinse with water to achieve the silver light effect on the surface of stainless steel.


Especially after the oxide scale on the surface of the 300 series stainless steel was cleaned by stainless steel pickling paste,the stainless steel surface can also restore a silver colour as original.At the same time, it forms a layer of oxide film with chromium and nickel as the main material on the surface of stainless steel workpiece to prevent secondary corrosion.


It can be seen that the whole operation process of stainless steel pickling passivation is very simple and cheap.The technical requirements for the operator are not high, it has advantages of labor-saving, time-saving and energy saving.In addition, the product itself is stable and easy to store and transport. It ‘s convenient extremely.


Under normal circumstances, the effect can be achieved as follows after pickling and passivation  treatment.

1. Stainless steel pickling gel can restore the original luster, do not change the workpiece size and improve the surface quality.

2. After the treatment of stainless steel pickling passivation paste, the corrosion resistance of the workpiece is improved, and the breakdown potential of the passivated film is about several hundred millivolts higher than before untreated

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