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The Practical Performance Of Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation Paste

1. stainless steel pickling passivation paste applied: 300 series stainless steel (301,302,303,304,316,316L,400, 410, 416 series models, such as pickling and passivation-surface treatment of stainless steel.
2.stainless steel pickling passivation cream products applies Yu: oil chemical, and ship with pipeline, and pharmaceutical, and paper, and food, and ⅰ-III class pressure container, related stainless steel component, in welding, and hammer hit, and touch loss, high temperature processing processing Hou produced of Brown Brown oxide (rust track) of clear, makes of silver has light, while formed a layer oxidation film, reached passivation purpose, has pickling and passivation two step one of double effect.
3. physical characteristics of stainless steel pickling passivation paste: no smoke, no odor, and both indoor and outdoor operation. Wash, spray washing and soaking can be, soaking works best. Simple operation, the construction is convenient, saves time and effort, cream stainless steel pickling passivation of stainless steel with smooth surface and smooth, strong stability, improved corrosion resistance, extend equipment life, and improving the added-value of products.
4. use stainless steel pickling passivation methods: stainless steel container widget can be used to soak, dope use, recommended steeping time is summer 10-20 minutes 30-50 minutes in winter time users according to their degree of the color that you need to take control.

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