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The Pickling Passivation Cream Is Not Allowed To Be Diluted

The Pickling gel manufactured by our factory is a kind of crystal paste,which can be adhered to the metal surface directly and play a corresponding role.In other words, pickling passivation paste no needs to be diluted and can not be diluted when using.Because after dilution,it reduces its viscosity, thereby losing its original characteristics.


At present, the main packaging of pickling paste in the market is 1kg/bottle.It’s very convenient for use and replaced the large drum package.It can quickly remove the oil stain,oxide scale,welding spot,rust,blue spot and black spot etc on the surface of stainless steel products after welding.The decontamination ability of the product is very strong,making the workpiece shows silver white light colour and excellent decorative, so pickling gel is very popular.


Pickling passivation paste can be used for large and inconveniently immersed workpieces instead of pickling passivation liquid.Just only need apply it on the  surface of stainless steel products 1-2mm and keep 5-15 minutes.Then rinsing with plenty of water.


It is recommended that apply a small amount for the first time and then apply it a lot after achieving satisfactory results.And while pickling passivation paste is environmentally friendly, it still has a strong corrosive effect, so please be careful when applying it.Even if you find that the bottled pickling passivation paste appears water, do not pour it out, just shake it well and use.

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