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The Passivation Mechanism And Forming Principle Of Pickling Passivation Paste

We all know that the primary purpose of passivation is to make stainless steel material and workpeice have corrosion-resistant substance.Pickling paste,pickling passivation solution, etc. can achieve this goal, then what is the pickling passivation mechanism of the stainless steel material?


Before the material is passivated with a pickling passivation paste, all it needs to do is removing the stains,oxides,rust on the surface of stainless steel.Mainly because pickling passivation paste itself is relatively sensitive to these impurities, if not removed,passivation and rust-proof effects will be reduced greatly.


Apply the pickling paste on the surface of stainless steel and waiting for a period of time,during this time pickling paste will react with the material and slowly form a chemical film.This chemical film is formed by the interaction with an active element of the metal surface,and it is this active element and atmospheric environment that produces a corrosive oxidation.


And the pickling paste is to change the active property of this material to lazy property, this makes it difficult to chemically act with the atmosphere;In addition, a chemical protective film is formed on the metal surface, which completely insulates the metal surface from the atmosphere for direct contact and becomes a protective net on the surface of the material.


Because of this, after the pickling passivation paste treatment, the material has a corrosion-resistant effect,it can effectively avoid corrosion when it is in contact with some corrosive gases or substances in the atmosphere and ensure its good quality.

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