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The Function And Precautions Of Pickling Paste

Pickling paste is a oyster white gel, it is easy to distinguish it from the pickling paste in the paste.mainly used for cleaning the oxide,welding joints and heat sealing head on the surface of stainless steel.Stainless steel pickling paste is suitable for used in chemical machinery, food machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, pressure vessel manufacturing and drying equipment, chemical equipment and chemical equipment installation industry.


After pickling and passivation treatment, not only makes the stainless steel surface uniform and beautiful silver-white appearance, but also improve the surface finish, enhance corrosion resistance, extends service life of stainless steel.Of course, the premise is to use the acid passivation paste in the correct way, otherwise it will also affect the using effect.


First is for cleaning weld oxides, clean up the welding slag and the oil in the welding area, then use the brush to apply the pickling paste evenly on the surface of the pending with the coating thickness is about 2 mm and resort about 1 hour,at last brush with the card completely or clean resdiues with cotton waste or rug (water washing is better) until smooth and clean.


The second is the removal of the thick oxide coating on the surface of the heat sealing head or heat treatment accessories. The residue on the treatment surface should also be cleaned first;It must be operated in a well-ventilated place, the operator should wear the rubber glove overshoe and the mask.


Since pickling passivation is a common chemical reagent in enterprises, it is necessary for the special person to take care of and release the recycling. The container must be covered with a cover and kept in a direct state storage.Once the operator has inadvertently eroded the skin, it must be rinsed immediately with water.


It must collect exhausted cotton waste and rug together,then put it into a plastic barrel and neutralizing mixed with calcium carbide paste.

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