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The Advantages Of Pickling Passivation Paste Compared To Similar Products

Pickling passivation is becoming more and more popular in similar products, mainly because of its obvious advantages and special features compared to these similar products.Because of this, pickling passivation is used as the first choice in the process of pickling and passivation.


As long as the pickling passivation is applied to the surface of the stainless steel material, it will react with a faster rate and remove the excess material from the surface of the material thoroughly;Because the viscosity of the passivation paste is relatively moderate, it is easy to observe during the reaction process to ensure that the substrate is not corroded.


The test confirmed that the acid - pickling passivation paste contains no CL,P and other such ions, thus completely eliminated the possibility of damage to the surface of the stainless steel.The paste can be applied to the surface of stainless steel about 3 square meters per kilogram of pickling under normal conditions and the film thickness can be 1-2mm.


After the passivation of the pickling passivation, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel material has been improved obviously, and it has even been tested in the salt fog for 1500H.There is also a reason for attracting users which is that pickling passivation is very easy to use.Only need to apply it to the surface of stainless steel workpiece,then cleaning thoroughly after 5-15 minutes.


Of course,if the pickling gel is used for cleaning thick oxide scale and heat pressing heads or used it under the normal temperature,it’s necessary to extend the reaction time according to the specific situation to ensure the thorough clearance.As long as the corresponding protection measures are done, the use of pickling passivation paste is also very safe and reliable.

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