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Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent No smell, easy to clean, green

Welding process is the welding of splash welding joints or solder joint forming process, this process is the alloy structure changes and alloy reorganization process, the structure of the solder alloy itself is basically stable.

At present, the traditional solder alloy is Sn63 / Pb37, which can be remelted with many other metals or alloys and form new alloys such as copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, silver, gold, especially metal copper easily with tin-lead alloy solder But when these metals react with the oxidation of air or other substances, the surface of these metals will form an oxide layer. Although the tin-lead solder is more likely to form an alloy structure with these metals, the oxides or compounds of these substances The formation of new solder joint, the opportunity to re-fusion will be very low.

For the designer of the Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent to demonstrate the solderability of the solder, the Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent and the process environment are set in the ideal state, and all the ideal state in the actual process is almost non-existent, some components, Circuit board and other welded materials manufacturing and storage, transportation, reproduction and other aspects, each Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent surface is the possibility of oxidation are present.

So that the process of welding the surface oxide layer before welding is very critical, the process of welding the anti-splash agent to remove the oxide process is a redox process, welding anti-splash agent in the active agent is usually a variety of organic Acid or organic hydrochloric acid substances, at least one or two kinds of acid is usually used by a variety of acid and acid salt. Oxidation and reduction, the reaction rate and the reaction capacity is a matter of concern. These two are inherent problems. The choice of different active flux is very important, the activity is weak or the activity is too weak. Solder welding speed or welding capacity Relatively poor, highly reactive welding anti-splash agent to remove the oxide film is very strong, and the tin on the fast, but if the flux active agent too much, too strong or the overall structure of the compatibility is not good, then very May lead to residual material after welding residue, then there will be the possibility of continued corrosion after welding, the safety of the product caused by hidden dangers.

Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent is a polymer high-tech products, the appearance of colorless or pale yellow viscous transparent liquid, water-soluble very good. This product does not contain zinc, aldehydes, heavy metals, sodium nitrite, phenol and other substances harmful to the human body and the environment, no smell, is a green product, the skin will not produce stimuli, to long-term save. The following describes the efficient tip of anti-blocking agent products related information.

Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent  of the product features:

1, no smell, easy to clean, green, non-silicon elements, will not affect the surface of the galvanized and paint quality.

2, before welding, in advance of this product even spray or brush on both sides of the weld, in advance of the time without restrictions, a few minutes, a few days can be.

3, rust-proof performance, steel parts of the product area, Huangmei days will not rust, indoor rust-proof effect is very strong.

4, the skin without stimulation, splashed on the skin, you can use tap water can be cleaned.

5, can be used for ordinary steel welding, can also be used for stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, welding.

Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent  of the scope of application:

This product is suitable for various types of carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel surface, as well as other smooth metal surface arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. Applicable to shipbuilding, automobiles, transformers, construction machinery, containers, pressure vessels and other machinery manufacturing industry.

Silicone Welding Anti Spatter Agent Efficient use of anti-blocking agent nozzle method:

You can use sprayer or brush brush brush in two ways, this product is applied to the slag easy to fall in the area, making it a uniform texture of the welding isolation film, and then welding can be. After the use of efficient welding nozzle anti-blocking agent, no need to carry out the welding of the shovel, grinding process. 

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