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Silicone Free Welding Anti Spatter Agent Which Is Beneficial To Improve The Working Efficiency Of Welding

Silicone Free Welding Anti Spatter Agent market sales price of a professional welding splash, welding Tsui anti-blocking agent, welding anti-blocking paste, welding anti-blocking agent production plant, bringing together the industry's advanced technology, first-class level.

The welding splash product is yellow or light blue paste preparation with light fragrance. The use of medical grade raw materials for production, with the former, with, after use will not produce any pollution, is a green products. For the welding of the pores and inclusions appear to have a significant improvement in the role of effective anti-blocking time of 4-6 hours.

Metal welding splash: welding splash is a welding and disintegrating agent, the main principle is to rely on the role of surfactant adsorption, the surface of the material to form a thin layer of isolation membrane, which can play a separate plate And the role of splash. In addition, welding splash for gas welding, arc welding and gas cutting places, but also to prevent the adhesion of welding slag, easier to clean up. Applicable to all kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal welding, in the automotive, shipbuilding, transformers, construction machinery, containers, gears, precision metal processing industry, welding occasions have important purposes.

Products applicable to various types of carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel surface, as well as other smooth metal surface arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. Applicable to shipbuilding, automobiles, transformers, construction machinery, containers, pressure vessels and other machinery manufacturing industry.

Silicone Free Welding Anti Spatter Agent in use, the hot state of the nozzle inserted into the product after the dip, can be used for welding construction of the anti-blocking. Usually every shift only need to dip 2-3 times. If the nozzle is in a cooling state, you should first weld about 10 cm of the weld, and then use welding splash to dip.

The scope of efficient Silicone Free Welding Anti Spatter Agent:

In the field of production and processing of welding operations, usually not less the use of welding additives products. Metal welding splash and flux are two of the more common welding auxiliaries, the use of welding aids is to prevent the welding process in the welding, splash out of the slag falling on the surface of the workpiece, sticky Knot, and affect the surface quality of the workpiece, with their presence, can effectively reduce the metal slag for the impact of the workpiece surface, is conducive to improving the efficiency of welding. However, in the course of the use, there may be a lot of people can easily confuse these two welding aids,

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