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Anti Spatter Agent Good Slag Removal Effect

With the improvement of welding technology, driving the continuous development of welding industry, at the same time on the welding auxiliary products (Anti Spatter Agent agent) The demand is also increasing, then, what kind of background is the welding splash-proof agent used and what is the role?

Anti Spatter Agent agent background: One reason, traditional welding methods (carbon dioxide protection welding, arc welding, etc.), in the welding of metal, will produce high cost, and after welding will produce deformation or weld fracture defects, one of the main reasons is the formation of welding spatter. The production of welding spatter not only reduces the welding efficiency , but also affects the appearance quality of welding parts. Reason two, after the traditional welding spatter removal method is the manual shovel grinding, high cost, efficiency is not high. In order to solve these two problems, the welding splash-proof agent is produced.

The role of Anti Spatter Agent agent: Welding anti-spatter agent is widely used in welding, which makes welding slag easier to clean, replaces traditional grinding process, improves working efficiency, saves welding cost, and improves the welding quality of welded components. Let poisonous, harmful splash, No longer affect the subsequent coating treatment effect of welding parts. It has brought great benefits to the enterprise.

From the form, the welding anti splash agent is divided into: oil base type, water-based type and coating type. From the packaging, divided into spray and barrel-mounted. Look from the form, the oil base of the splash-resistant agent because of its difficult to clean after welding, the price has not too much advantage, has been eliminated by the market. water-based Anti Spatter Agent agent by virtue of its good slag removal effect, extremely competitive market prices, as well as after welding after the subsequent work without adverse effects, and the use of convenient, the amount of savings, after welding workpiece is also more beautiful and so on many advantages, currently occupy a dominant position in the market. Coating type of splash-resistant agent is better than water, and can be repeated many times welding, but the price is much higher. From a cost-effective point of view, in addition to a few of the automotive industry and shipbuilding industry and other parts of the use, in the market share less.

Anti Spatter Agent agent is a flux, water-based, a simple example, if the water in the weld, in the welding, is sure of the gas hole. So it is easy to understand that the use of Anti Spatter Agent agent There is too much in the weld, that is, too much water, it is easy to appear blowhole. But can not be unworthy, since now all over the country are using this product, there is a solution, that is, as far as possible not to spray in the weld, or with the atomization effect of a better watering.

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