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Anti Blocking Agent Good Protection Structure Is Simple

Anti Blocking Agent Torch maintenance procedures

1. Check whether the wire feeder is used with the specified welding power supply and welding torch.

2. Check the wire feeder and welding power supply, welding gun and gas supply system must be fastened, sealed, or easy to cause damage to the wire feeder or welding process instability.

3. Welding work should avoid the metal spatter on the wire feeder, and pay attention to timely cleaning Check wire and SUS guide cap should pay attention to clean up, wear serious or damaged should be replaced

4. Welding torch must be used with the specified wire feeder, welding power supply.

5. Wear parts and parts to be replaced should be selected pure parts.

6. Welding should pay attention to the rated load of the torch.

7. Welding torch must be careful not to squeeze, smashing, strong pull, welding should be placed at the end of a safe location.

8. The connections of the torch must be fastened and should be inspected before each welding

9. Wire size specifications, length should meet the requirements, and regular cleaning.

10. Conductive Tsui and the wire used must be consistent, wear and tear should be replaced immediately

11. Nozzle, nozzle fittings, gas sieve must be intact, complete, and keep a good clean, insulated state.

12. The bending radius of the first-line cable when welding is not less than 300mm.

13. Use anti-blocking agent, nozzle, gas sieve and conductive nozzle spatter to be cleaned in time.

Function: The torch is a tool that is used directly to complete the welding work.

Function: as the electrode transmission welding current; by the wire hose and the first-line cable to the welding parts of the welding wire and gas; through the torch switch to the welding machine issued a command command requirements; uniform wire, conductive and good gas protection; simple structure, Durable, lightweight, soft,Anti Blocking Agent good performance.

The conductive mouth is a part that transmits the current directly to the welding wire. The contact hole of the conductive mouth is in contact with the welding wire, and the protective gas flows between the outer surface of the contact nozzle and the inner wall of the nozzle.

When using the specifications of the conductive nozzle must be consistent with the wire diameter, that is, the diameter of the conductive nozzle can not be too large or too small,Anti Blocking Agent too large conduction is not good, too small wire resistance increases, will cause the welding process is unstable,Anti Blocking Agent seriously affecting the welding quality The

When installing the contact tip,Anti Blocking Agent you must tighten it with the tool! Do not check if it is loose before working! Otherwise the conduction is not good, will make the arc instability, affecting the welding quality. At the same time loose at the same time due to overheating caused by the contact tip and nozzle connector insulator burned.

The number of trapezoidal grinding too much or the replacement of non-standard short conductive nozzle welding will make the dry extension of the wire length,Anti Blocking Agent resulting in difficult arc, arc instability, molding deterioration.

Conductive nozzle and nozzle should maintain a good insulation state, gas sieve can make the distribution of protective gas more uniform, better protective effect, but also increase the distance between the conductive nozzle and the nozzle. Welding should be used when the anti-blocking agent and timely cleaning the nozzle of the splash, the use of anti-blocking agent should be careful not to flow to the gas sieve,Anti Blocking Agent so as not to plug the air sieve pores, affecting the protective effect of the weld hole.

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