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Analysis What Are The Factors Affecting To Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation

1. pollutants: pollutants has what nature, is organic pollution also is inorganic pollution, is water-soluble of also is oil dissolved sex of, is polar pollution also is non-polar pollution; pollutants form is solid of also is liquid of, is powder of also is film-like of; pollutants and artifacts surface stick attached of degree is firm also is not firm, is is mechanical sex stick attached, physical sex stick attached also is chemical sex stick attached,.
2. artifacts: artifacts of what material is to be cleaned, is a metal or a Nonmetal, is still not wetted surface wetting the surface, is a high energy or low energy surface, are susceptible to corrosion or swelling, dissolving crack, surface roughness and how, what a protective coating and any special requirements.
3. cleaning media: according to pollutants of nature and the Xia artifacts surface stick attached of situation, determine selection what cleaning media. is with organic solvent also is water base solvent, is polar solvent also is non-polar solvent, should cleaning media of dissolved force, and surface activity force, and chemical reactions force, and artifacts material of corrosion sex, and compatible sex and on using of economic sex, and security and on environment of effect, factors, for integrated analysis.

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