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What practical features do the Pickling Paste Have?

In practice, pickling paste is mainly used in pickling and passivation stainless steel like 300 series stainless steel other types of stainless steel, the surface of the stainless steel equipment restored its original color and after pickling and passivation treatment.


In other words,the brown oxide generated on the surface of petrochemical, marine piping, pharmaceutical, paper, food, Ⅰ-Ⅲ pressure vessels and other related stainless steel components after welding,hammering, collision damage and other high temperature processing,and then it shows silver white colour on the surface of stainless steel products;On this basis, but also forms a layer of passivation film on the surface of stainless steel,it has pickling and passivation two-step dual effect.


From the characteristics of pickling passivation paste point of view,physically, it is a kind of non-smoke, odorless and can be operated indoor and outdoor materials, and scrubbing and soaking, but the best immersion.But soaking effect is best.The pickling gel has the advantages of simple operation, convenient construction, time saving and labor saving. The surface of stainless steel treated by the stainless steel pickling paste is smooth, strengthen the stability, improved the corrosion resistance obviously, prolonged the service life of the equipment and the raised the added value of the products.


When using pickling gel or pickling passivation solution, the stainless steel small parts can be soaked in containers with original liquid, the proposed immersion time is 10-20 minutes in summer and 30-50 minutes in winter, The soaking time can be determined by the required color level that users want.Finally rinsing with plenty of water.For larger equipment, in order to both ensure the quality of passivation passivation and save the passivation materials, pickling paste can be used to large equipment.

It is important to note that the surface of stainless steel must be cleaned thoroughly and ensure that no residual pickling passivation paste on the surface.In this way, the surface of the treated stainless steel equipment can be restored as original color of stainless steel.At the same time can also achieve the purpose of saving energy and cost.

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