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Welding Anti-splashing Agent has Many Advantages Such as Widely Used and Cannot be Watered

Welding anti-splash agent is one of the important auxiliary materials in the welding industry. It is widely used because of its high chemical activity, strong ability to remove oxides, and good thermal stability. It helps to obtain high quality welding quality.


Welding anti-splash agent can effectively eliminate the steps of shovel, grinding and tapping after welding, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.Moreover,since the welding anti spatter agent is a water-based solution.So it is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, does not generate irritating gas during welding, harmless to the human body and does not pollute the environment.


Welding anti spatter agent can protect the finish with high precision from damage,reduce welding, welding pit and leakage welding;More specifically, it can be sprayed or brushed. It does not affect the quality of the weld and easy to remove after welding. It is easy to operate and does not affect the quality of subsequent work such as phosphating and painting.


Welding anti-splash agent is mainly used in electric welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, cutting, etc;It is also widely used in welding applications such as automobiles, shipbuilding, construction machinery, and metal processing industries.In the application process, it is generally not recommended to use the anti-splashing agent for watering, because the use of water will reduce the energy absorption of the raw material, thus failing to achieve the desired effect.

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