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Welding Anti Spatter Agent Product Quality Should Meet the Conditions and Product Packaging

Welding spatter remover, which is used to remove spatter generated during welding to improve welding quality and welding effect.So since mentioned the product and know its specific role, it is worthwhile to have an in-depth understanding to achieve the correct use of the product and achieve the purpose of use, rather than misuse.

1. What are the conditions for good quality of the welding anti spatter agent?

The product has good performance and good use, easy to use and no problem in the process. In addition, the product should have a long shelf life, stable performance during storage, and not susceptible to changes.

2. Are there different types of welding anti spatter agent?

There are different types and models of welding spatter removers, such as HF-3 welding spatter remover. This type of weld spatter remover is a yellow-brown transparent liquid without any precipitation.In terms of composition, the film former A, the rust preventive agent N, and the solvent are mixed in a certain ratio, and are mainly used for cleaning the spatter generated by the high-strength weldment welding type, and the welding quality can be improved.

3. How to pack the welding anti spatter agent?

The welding spatter remover is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless liquid that effectively removes weld slag and spatter generated during welding without any adverse effects on the operator.This product can be used in arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and gas cutting. Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. The packaging of this product is generally packed in 5kg,25kg plastic drums or 200kg iron drums.

4. Is it necessary to master some welding knowledge when using a welding spatter remover?

The use of welding spatter remover requires some knowledge of welding, so that the correct use and rational use of the product can be achieved, so as to ensure that the product has good use effect instead of waste or misuse.The welding knowledge that should be mastered is mainly to familiarize with the welding related drawings and to clarify the specific welding position and welding technical requirements.

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