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The Technical Conditions that the Passivating Surface Treatment Process Need to Meet with

Passivating surface treatment of stainless steel is a kind of surface treatment method commonly used in welding and production of stainless steel products.Some manufacturers use it for the purpose of anti-corrosion, while some manufacturers use it for the purpose of clean and beautiful effect. In short, the stainless steel passivation treatment process really brings people a great benefit.


Of course, stainless steel passivation treatment,also needs to meet some basic process conditions as other treatment processes.For example, the temperature is generally controlled at 60-80℃, the time is 3-5 minutes.In terms of its oil removal standard, if the oil removal is not complete, rinse with water and then immerse in the oil removal, repeat the operation until the oil is disappeared completely.The standard of oil removal is that the surface of the matrix is completely wet and can form a uniform water film without beads.


The standard for the protective coating of stainless steel passivation process is that if partial plating of parts is required, it is necessary to apply protective paint to the parts that are not required to be plated,care should be taken when applying protective paint;The coating on the part to be protected should be continuous and even, and no protective paint is allowed on the part that is not protected.


Then use the stainless steel passivating liquid to pickling the processed workpiece;The process condition is room temperature with 15-30 seconds;The surface of the workpiece should be free of rust after pickling.When activated at room temperature, the time is 10-20 seconds. It is generally required to stop activation when a large number of small and uniform bubbles overflow on the surface of the workpiece.




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