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The reason why the Passivation Of Stainless Steel

The stainless steel passivator can complete the passivation process while chemical descaling, so that the stainless steel can obtain a uniform silver-white appearance, and can effectively prevent the oxidation of stainless steel and achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. The purpose of pickling is usually to remove an oxide film firmly adhered to the surface of the stainless steel, such as an oxide layer and a solder slag generated by a high-temperature operation surface such as heat treatment or soldering.


If the stainless steel is passivated, the darkening is excessive surface pickling, which makes the surface hardened or embrittled, that is, hydrogen embrittlement. The reason may be that the concentration of the pickling passivation solution is not high; the temperature of the pickling is not high; the pickling time is not long.


Before the stainless steel is passivated, it is necessary to remove the oil, degrease, remove the surface drawing compound and other impurities. If the stainless steel surface has a large amount of rust, dye, paint mark, tape, adhesive residue and other foreign substances, the surface cleaning is required first. Pre-cleaning is not required and can be based on actual conditions.

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