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The Performance Characteristics and Application Occasions of Pickling Gel

The broad scope of application is determined by the unique properties of pickling gel.It is mainly used for pickling and passivation of surface and welding joints of stainless steel large parts,it can remove scale oxide on the surface of stainless steel after welding and high temperature processing.


After the treatment of pickling and passivation, it can not only make the material bright,but also the treated surface is formed with an oxide film which mainly containing nickel and chromium.It will no longer produce secondary oxygen corrosion, and ultimately achieve the purpose of passivation, thereby improves the quality of stainless steel surface corrosion, extends equipment service life.


Pickling and passivation can be carried out simultaneously with the oil removing,pickling and passivation, and the traditional oil removal and pickling passivation process have been changed. The operation is easy to operate and the cost is low;It does not require specialized equipment and venues, does not require heating equipment and power, do not need skilled operators.It saves time, labor and energy.


The stable pickling gel is easy to transport and can be kept for a long time.So it can meet the requirements to cleaning the stainless steel surface welding spot, scale, rust and corrosion passivation process completed in one step;At the same time widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food, aviation, nuclear industry, construction and other stainless steel equipment, pressure vessels, engineering components.


In addition, pickling passivation paste does not contain chloride ion and other harmful ions, which can protect the stainless steel surface and complete intercrystalline structure;After cleaning, improve the performance of stainless steel salt spray and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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