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The Passivation Treatment of Stainless Steel 304 by Pickling Paste

Today we recommend a product to you guys: stainless steel pickling paste.


The purpose that using stainless steel fast cleaning agent to clean stainless steels is to remove the impurity oil and oxide on the surface of stainless steel.


The next step is rinsing with the water, and then is pickling and passivation step.The stainless steel pickling paste has a series of advantages such as fast film formation, short passivation time, and stable passivation film, and the specific passivation time can be selected according to the requirement of salt spray.


After the passivation treatment is completed, rinsing the pickling paste on the stainless steel with plenty of water and then neutralized with sodium hydroxide.The main reason for choosing sodium hydroxide neutralization is that it is easy to clean, and the purpose of neutralization is to avoid the residue of pickling paste, resulting in discoloration after drying.The sodium hydroxide can be mixed with water at about 3-5 per cent. It can be soaked for 1 minute, then rinsing and drying.


After the treatment of pickling and passivation,304 stainless steel 120 hours of salt mist should be able to meet the requirements.In this way, the material is not likely to rust or corrode during the processing, so as to ensure the integrity of the surface and the completeness of the performance.

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