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The Control Requirement of Stainless Steel Pickling Paste in Processing

In fact,when using stainless steel pickling gel to cleaning different workpiece, the entire treatment process is relatively simple.In order to ensure the passivation performance and stability, then we will introduce to you about the control requirements of stainless steel pickling gel operation process.

The first is about the pre-treatment work that should be done before using the stainless steel pickling gel : Mainly refers to firstly clean the grease,dirt on the surface of stainless steel.The physical or chemical methods can be used to ensure that the best pickling and passivation effects can be achieved.After cleaning,it can quickly remove the grease,rust and other impurities on the surface of workpiece, but also restore the original color of stainless steel.

Secondly, taking into account the stainless steel pickling gel will involve multiple chemical reaction process, so after the passivation, it’ll form a dense integrity and not easily damaged passivation protective film.In other words, after passivation,it can effectively improve the stability of the workpiece.

Another is the control of passivation time.Normally, the processing time of the stainless steel pickling passivation is about 10 to 30 minutes. If necessary, the processing time can be extended appropriately to achieve the desired effect.Moreover, the operation temperature should be controlled better.This is because the proper temperature ensures the actual treatment effect, usually operate at room temperature.

The last point to note is that the choice of stainless steel pickling gel is very important.We should  choose high-performance stainless steel pickling gel with mature technology.

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