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Stainless Steel Passivation Process of Workpiece and Its High Salt Spray Test

As SUS304 material belongs to austenite stainless steel, according to the analysis of manufacturing process of the product, the metallographic structure of the material has undergone crystal fracture or metallographic structure changes after high-speed stamping.That is to say that the material in a sense is not completely belonging to austenite.Therefore, the whole process of stainless steel passivation is adopted for passivation treatment.

Firstly, after the stamping parts are processed by stamping, etc., the surface of the workpiece has slight oil stain, and the workpiece is flat without dead angle, but the surface color of the product is not uniform, and the appearance is not beautiful.So the first step is to remove the oil. The surface of the product is heavily oily and must be disposed of.

The next step is watering and pickling.The the product can meet its requirements;Watering again and passivation;Watering, neutralization.Finally drying and packaging.After the passivation of stainless steel, salt spray test is required to pass 580 hours, which is called the passivation test of stainless steel. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the passivation effect of the product meets the requirements.


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