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Precautions for Pickling Pastes and the Measurement of Its Indicators and Using

Although pickling paste is safe and non-toxic, it must be operated outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.At the same time, the operators should be equipped with rubber gloves goggles and other protective equipment to ensure the safety.


For safety reasons, skin is not allowed to come into contact with pickling paste. Once contacted by mistake, rinse with water immediately; In order not to affect the quality of the tool used, the tool pickling paste used should be a corrosion-resistant stainless steel or plastic product.In addition, in order not to affect the quality of the pickling paste, do not operate in the strong sunlight to ensure the paste not to be dried and not affect the passivation effects.


The pickling paste on the market is uneven, how to choose the pickling passivation paste that the company needs is very important.First of all, we need to see the index of pickling paste,including its appearance, specific gravity, acidity and alkalinity, as well as the possibility of explosion.


If the pickling paste is colorless and transparent, it shows its exquisite workmanship.All kinds of chemical substances can be perfectly integrated, acid and alkaline and acidic are in line with the basic quality of the general pickling paste.The possibility of explosion is not that indicating product safety,without adding some unstable chemicals to enhance the cleaning effect.


It also depends on the use of pickling paste, whether it can effectively remove the yellow, blue, black spot and other dirt produced by the welding of the stainless steel parts and the surface of the equipment;Meanwhile improves the anti-corrosive ability of stainless steel.The surface of the stainless steel is usually silvery white after pickling and passivation treatment.

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