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Pickling passivation paste and electrolytic polishing solution on the different effects of stainless steel

There are many stainless steel surface treatment processes, often involving a passivation, pickling, polishing, rust, rust, cleaning degreasing, etc., the manufacturers according to their own needs to choose the surface treatment. Currently stainless steel pickling passivation and stainless steel electrolytic polishing these two surface treatment technology is more mature and widely used, the corresponding processing material is stainless steel pickling passivation cream and stainless steel electrolytic polishing solution.

The use of pickling passivation paste can be stainless steel surface covered with a thin layer of passive film, the isolation of corrosive media, as a basic barrier to protect stainless steel, thereby enhancing the material's corrosion resistance. Which pickling is the foundation for passivation to ensure good passivation film, while allowing the surface balance, remove the potential corrosion easily.


The pickling passivation paste coated stainless steel surface to be treated, the reaction time at room temperature for 1-10 minutes, when lower than normal temperature or oxide and oil thick, the need to extend the reaction time. After the reaction is thoroughly wiped with a soft cloth or wire brush, then rinse with plenty of water.


Because stainless steel pickling passivation paste with pickling passivation completed once, the operation is simple and convenient, fast response, complete removal, no piebald, strong adhesion characteristics, so the entire pickling stainless steel, the passivation process can be fast Complete, and the effect is ideal.


Compared with the pickling passivation paste, stainless steel electrolytic polishing solution belongs to the light formula, a few minutes you can throw stainless steel mirror bright. Its use is based on the processing of the workpiece to the first degreasing degreasing, simple pickling, water rinse, rinse the workpiece pickling surface to ensure that the surface is clean before heating the electrolyte.

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