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Different Types of Welding Anti-splash Agents in Terms of Form and Packaging

Morphologically, the welding anti-splash agent can be divided into two types: water-based and paint-based;And from the packaging, the welding anti-splash agent can be divided into spray and barrel type.Regardless of the shape or the form of the package, the application of anti spatter agent is very important for the welding process.


With its advantages of good slag removal effect, highly competitive market price and no adverse effect on post-welding spray painting work, very easy to use and the workpiece after welding is also more beautiful than before,the water based welding anti spatter agent occupies a leading position.


The advantage of the coating-type welding anti-splashing agent is that the spreading property is better than the water-based one, and the welding in addition to a few automobile and shipbuilding industries in use, the market share is less.


The cost of spray can packaging for welding anti spatter agent is high and price is also 3-4 times higher than the barrel.Considering the effect, the former is sprayed thinly due to internal pressure. If it is not very precise welding, the effect is almost the same.At present, welding anti-splash agents are used in various construction road construction machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, steel structures, machining, construction machinery, pressure vessels, military equipment industries and other industries.

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