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Comparison of Conventional Stainless Steel Passivation and Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation Solution

In the treatment process of stainless steel workpiece,passivation and pickling passivation treatment are often used in the later improvement process.In fact, the goal of the conventional stainless steel passivation treatment and using stainless steel pickling passivation solution is to achieve passivation and anti-rust.So both processes are suitable for surface passivation of all 300 series stainless steel products.


However, the conventional stainless steel passivation treatment and actual treatment effect of using stainless steel pickling passivation solution is obviously different, do you know what are included?First of all, the stainless steel passivation process especially does not change the color size and thickness of the workpiece, and it will not affect any post-processing of the stainless steel surface.Of course, it will not affect the mechanical properties and material properties of stainless steel products.


The passivation of stainless steel is mainly used to passivate the stainless steel workpiece to ensure it has strong corrosion resistance.In the process of stainless steel pickling passivation treatment, there is a complete chemical reaction.At the same time, the two functions of pickling and passivation are combined, which can not only suit for the pickling passivation of 300 series stainless steel , but also remove the oxide skin, spot and other impurities and stains in a short time.


In other words, when the stainless steel pickling passivation is used to process the stainless steel workpiece, it is not necessary to carry out the pickling process separately.After processing, it generates a complete dense, nondestructive passivation film on the surface of the stainless steel.The whole process is simple, only need to soak in room temperature.



In conclusion, using stainless steel pickling passivation solution can not only effectively solve the corrosion problem of stainless steel workpiece, but also can effectively help enterprises to save processing cost.Stainless steel workpiece meets environmental requirements after treated by stainless steel pickling passivation solution.

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