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Application of Welding Anti Spatter Agent on Aluminum Products

Aluminum is a ductile silver-white light metal. Therefore it is widely used.The common process of aluminum in the application process is the welding process, but the welding process is prone to generate a large amount of welding slag, which affects the quality of production and welding. Therefore, the common method to prevent slag splashing during the welding process of aluminum is to use welding anti spatter agent.


At present, there are many kinds of welding anti-splash agents on the market.Most of the scope of application is mainly carbon steel and stainless steel.In order to meet the characteristics of aluminum, a welding anti-splash agent for aluminum is specially developed, which does not corrode aluminum, is non-toxic, tasteless, non-volatile, has a certain anti-rust effect, does not affect the subsequent painting, and is safe to use.


Before welding, the welding anti-splash agent is applied to the surface of the aluminum welding workpiece, and the spatter generated during welding can be automatically dropped off on the surface of the workpiece, or can be removed by a single rub.It avoids the grinding process after welding and the scars and scratches in the slag welding. The product can be coated with a metal surface of 40-50 square meters per kilogram.


Almost all welding methods can be used to weld aluminum, but aluminum has different applicability to various welding methods, and different welding methods have different application ranges.Common welding methods include gas welding, electrode arc welding, tungsten argon arc welding, tungsten pulse argon arc welding, tungsten arc welding, inert gas shielded welding, argon-helium mixed tungsten gas shielded welding, and molten gas protection. Welding, pulse melting gas shielded welding, etc.

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