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Application of Stainless Steel Passivation Process in Welded Pipe

The stainless steel passivation process is widely used in many fields and is also used in the process of welded pipe processing.Specifically, it must undergo a series of processes such as degreasing treatment, water washing, stainless steel passivation, water washing, drying, etc., so that the quality of the welded pipe reaches a higher level.


When stainless steel passivation is applied to the welded pipe, the degreasing treatment is to clean the surface oil, dirt and other impurities, which is beneficial to form a complete passivation protective film on the surface during the subsequent passivation process.Then the welded pipe can be immersed in the stainless steel pickling passivation solution HF-4 until the surface of the pipe is completely uniform silver white.

After the welded pipe is passivated by stainless steel, especially the weld is not easily corroded, so it can effectively ensure that the bearing pressure will not be reduced, and the performance of austenitic stainless steel can be guaranteed.At the same time, it will not affect any post-treatment process, and it can greatly increase the surface adhesion, which is more conducive to next step surface treatment, such as electroplating and painting.

A dense passivation layers formed into the surface of a welded pipe that has been passivated by stainless steel.This makes the stainless steel welded pipe not easy to rust and effectively improve its corrosion resistance;It will also have a uniform silvery white appearance, and the overall appearance looks hygienic, high-grade, long-lasting and non-discoloring.

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