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Application Knowledge of Stainless Steel Pickling Paste

Stainless steel pickling paste is a white and transparent appearance of paste material, is mainly used to remove the surface of stainless steel oxide scale, make it restore the original luster.Stainless steel pickling paste can be used for chemical machinery,food machinery and dyeing machinery,pharmaceutical machinery,chemical and environmental protection equipment etc, restored the original colour of stainless steel workpiece or equipment,strengthen fight corrupt ability and extend the service life.


About rinsing after using stainless steel pickling paste: Usually,we should use tap water or pure water in the rinsing process, don’t use well water or other water source.And if rinsing the stainless steel with the tap water, soaking it in water with chlorine ion content below 25PPM for three to five minutes.


In the process of neutralization operation after pickling and passivation treatment.It is usually treated with a concentration of 5% sodium hydroxide.In general, if the workpiece structure is complex, has deep holes, blind holes, slits, etc., it must be neutralized.


Moreover,stainless steel workpieces can be dried or aired after treated by pickling passivation paste.Be careful to control the temperature when drying.


Regarding the maintenance of the stainless steel pickling passivation paste,we should pay attention to maintain the scene operating environment.


Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel pickling passivation paste can quickly remove the weld spots, welds, welding spots, solder joints, black skin and oxide, etc., on the surface of stainless steel,improves the appearance of stainless steel.


In short, for this kind of problem, you can apply the right amount of stainless steel pickling paste, the effect would be significant.

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